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Always on time, always within budget, always with a smile.
DagIris is specialized in the design and building of websites for businesses and non-profits.

Building a website involves three phases; planning, design and coding.
The planning process starts with an audit of the business, an analysis of the current online situation and capturing the feel of the company and audience.
The design phase involves discussion and development of the website structure, functionality, design layout and colours.
The coding phase is the hands-on phase. The client will provide content and images. DagIris will create code based on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and SQL.
* Static websites
* Wordpress based website
* Responsive design
* Informative and Interactive websites
* Online webstore
* Integration of Social Media
* Slide shows, contact forms etc
* Four major web browsers compatible
* Email forwarding

* Please contact DagIris for a quote
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When you fight Entropy, you better seek help.
DagIris offers the following services:

* Website Maintenance
Content update, additional features or keeping your website current, each website needs regular maintenance.

* Updates WordPress core, plugins,themes and backups
Monthly updates increases security and improves stability. Weekly local backups offers protection against server failure, virus attacks and accidental user deletes.

* Domain registration

* Secure green third party VPS hosting
Including backup and wordpress core, plugins and theme updates.

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Talkeetna East Side Cabins
Caribou Lodge Alaska
Talkeetna Oosik
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Computer Tech Support, Nerd Alert!
Iris working in Silicon Valley
DagIris knows computers. Computer technical support in and around Talkeetna, AK

* In-home support
* Computer tune-up
* Peripherals installation
* Operation System and Software installation
* Email (IMAP) setup
* Network support
* Virus and malware removal
* Backup setup, local or in the cloud

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My curiosity has made me explore life in all its facets. As an Applied Physics engineer and Project Manager I have navigated the slow flowing wide rivers of several multinational in the Netherlands, as well as the fast running rapids of a startup in Silicon Valley. My career has never stopped me to explore the world on bike, to learn about different cultures and pick up new skills along the way. As a webdesigner I love talking to my clients to understand the essence of their organization and to translate this in a high performing website.

Iris packrafting along the Lost Coast